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Bowerbird LAB Specialists In Bespoke Architectural & Interior Design solutions on a range Of Buildings. Bowerbird LAB Delivers Unique & Exciting Spaces To Maximise Each Of Our Client's Enjoyment.
Residential, Commercial and Hospitality.

  Bowerbird LAB is inspired by the designer of the bird world "Bowerbird". They spend half of their lives weaving elaborate and expansive enclosures. Their painstaking process is all about detail and functionality.

That resonated with us, we share the passion for every detail as we create innovative spaces for our clients to take flight. We approach a chair, a room, and a superstructure all equally.
We posit that good ideas can come from anywhere and unlock the creative process to inspiration from our collaborators and the world outside our studio. Based in New Delhi, opened our new branch in Goa, We work globally and take a global view by implementing environmental best practices naturally.



Adept at working in a range of architectural styles, whether classical, contemporary, or an eclectic mix, our architectural department has decades of experience obtaining planning consents, re-modeling, extending, and designing the most exceptional private projects in India and internationally.

"As architects, we remind ourselves that designing an individual’s space is to design their dreams.”



Witnessing how our designers meticulously turn aspirations into reality is often one of the most enjoyable parts of the design process for our clients. We have extensive experience across a variety of interior styles with early glimpses into their finished project through the illustrations, mood boards and layouts that are presented with each new phase in the program.



Our renovation service goes one step further in enhancing your property – beyond interior design. We also help reshape and restructure homes by improving the architecture of your living space, So that they’re maximized to their full potential – and in turn, drive up the financial value of your property.



Zaramount Havana Villas


3d rendering services

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Aanata Hotels & Resorts

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Diagonstic Labs


CASA Amore Villa, Goa


Cafe I SPA I O2 Bar

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Wellness SPA


Reel Life escape games


3D rendering services


The experience lounge

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